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Hello! I'm Mrs. Patti Dye and I am the full-time Arts and Humanities teacher here at McDowell Elementary! I am fortunate and blessed to teach all children in grades kindergarten through 5th grade four times a week every other week in the skills and appreciation of all the arts which include music, visual art, dance, and drama. Of course, we also explore various cultures from around the world because, as all my students come to understand, "You can't learn about the arts without learning about people and you can't learn about people without learning about their arts."
This is my 22 year of teaching having taught all levels of primary K-3 until these last six years in this most rewarding related arts teaching position - Arts and Humanities.  
  My philosophy for my students is to "have fun while learning and you'll learn something you won't ever forget!"

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My contact info:
 school phone 606-377-6640

“The arts are an essential element of education, just like reading, writing, and arithmetic…music, dance, painting, and theater are all keys that unlock profound human understanding and accomplishment.”

   –William Bennett, Former US Secretary of Education


Using national sources, the Kentucky Core Content development committee defined the arts as creating, performing, and responding to dance, music, theater; the visual arts; and literature. The committee defined the humanities as the beliefs, thoughts, and traditions of humankind as reflected in history; philosophy; religion; dance; music; theater; the visual arts; and literature.

As the Arts and Humanities teacher I strive to provide our students with as many opportunities as possible in learning as much as they can about all the arts and how they are intertwined within our daily life experiences, societies, and history.

Class Announcements
Earth Day Junk Art Project
McDowell Elem.
Arts and Humanities Art Project
heartEarth Day JUNK ART Projectheart

In honor of our recent Earth Day (April 22) students are being challenged to reuse/recycle used items (“junk”) to create works of art and/or musical instruments.
Suggested items include: paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, clean cans or plastic bottles, buttons, scraps of material, shoe boxes, juice or milk jugs or containers, and any other used items that can be cleaned and turned into something new, useful, or beautiful!

Projects will be due for the following classes:
Next Thursday, April 30: L. Turner
Next Friday, May 1: Fitzpatrick, Gearheart 5-1, Stanley, Cook/Lance, Deskins/Allen

The following Monday, May 4: Howell 5-2, L. Hall, Allen/Lance, Crum/Allen
The following Tuesday, May 5: T. Haley

Families may assist the students in creating their works of art and students should be able to describe and explain materials that were recycled into the new item and the purpose for the new item.
Have fun and enjoy creating your Earth Day Junk Art project!
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