Family Resource Center

McDowell Elementary
Family Resource Center
Staff: Morgan Ward – Director  
Location: Administration Building
What is a Family Resource Center?
Family Resource Centers have been created as part of the Kentucky Education Reform Act. The intent of the centers is to enhance students’ abilities to succeed in school by assisting children and families to meet needs that impact on the education process. This will be done by providing services at the Center, in schools and by linking families to agencies in the community.
Who can use this Family Resource Center?
All services accessible through the family resource center are available to all families with children who attend McDowell Elementary School and McDowell Head Start.
What services does this Family Resource Center provide?
* Integrated services such as home visits, group meetings, and monitoring child development for new parents and expectant parents.
* Services to enhance parenting, educational and vocational skills of preschool and elementary parents and preschool services for their children.
* Health services and/or referral to health services. School physicals and immunizations administered.
* GED classes for persons interested in earning their GED.
* Family crisis and mental health services or referral to mental health services.
Goals of the Family Resource Center
A child’s success in school will promote lifelong health, security and happiness. 
The Family Resource Center will assist families to identify and address barriers to success within the home and community.
The Family Resource Center will help families develop parenting skills so children can develop their full potential.
The Family Resource Center will encourage and develop social support networks to help families to be part of their community.
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